Who is Solvoyo? Our boilerplate says that we’re an enterprise software company providing strategic, tactical, and operational planning in a single platform that gives customers the most comprehensive capability to maximize profits while minimizing costs.
But that’s just what we do.
When you select a software partner you’re not only buying that partner’s product; you’re engaging its history, methodology, insights and expertise.
To give you a better sense of how we’re able to optimize your supply chain, we thought we’d tell you how – and why – we do what we do. Here is the story of how Koray Dogan and Omer Bakkalbasi are transforming supply chain management.

How it Started

Quite simply Solvoyo was born out of frustration and irritation with the status quo. Ten years ago, Koray Dogan, PhD, our Chief Executive Officer, was with a pioneering supply chain software company, building supply chain management (SCM) software for leading companies around the world. He was becoming increasingly frustrated by the technology of the day, believing that supply chain software could – and should – be simpler for users and more intelligent in its solutions. The market had learned to accept – or, really, been forced to accept – several disparate technologies all trying to work together but each focused on their own part of the supply chain (and frequent updates just to keep them all current). Demand planning, inventory setting, network design, transportation ­– all these required companies to invest in and get these different technologies to “talk” to one another. Complicating matters further, traditional software ran in 32 bit and was highly dependent on the user’s hardware capabilities.
What was needed, Koray saw, was a single integrated technology that viewed and made decisions based on the supply chain as a dynamic whole.
Timing was everything: Koray made his decision and jumped to develop a better software just as software-as-a-service (SaaS) was being introduced. He knew that the most efficient, effective solution would be one that took advantage of this platform.

The Technology That Revolutionized Supply Chain

Under Koray’s visionary leadership, Solvoyo was the first to build a holistic, from-scratch system – one product,
not several disjointed products. Our technology makes the complex calculations required for the supply chain using a Neo database technology, a next-generation database that addresses the shortcomings of traditional systems. It’s a robust, scalable, high-performance and embedded persistence engine for efficient management of semi-structured and network-oriented data. And there’s no other like it on the market.
The Solvoyo platform makes integrated decisions and allows for collaboration across functional silos. The behavior of one division affects the other, so this kind of inter-related decision-making process is critical for across-the-board optimization.
After Koray signed his first customer, he asked Omer Bakkalbasi, PhD, (who today is our Chief Innovation Officer) to join Solvoyo. Omer quit his partner position at a leading U.S. consulting firm and joined Solvoyo. Nine months later, Solvoyo’s first client went live with the new platform. The rest, as they say, is history.
Today, Solvoyo has more than 30 professionals helping customers worldwide improve the performance of their supply chains. We’ve made a meaningful difference for companies like English Home, Applied Materials, HP, Sisecam, Vestel, A-101, Schneider Electric and others – and we know we could do the same for yours!