Good day from the ever-changing world of supply chain optimization. This was a big week with a quick update on the action at Modex and some excellent business news.
Here’s a little context for the Modex show as it might be new to you as it was to me this year. Modex is a huge trade show in Atlanta with an active operational execution theme with software solutions sprinkled all around.
The active operational execution part is actually totally cool. The latest technology in material handling (lift assist, hoists, cranes and associated tracks, fork trucks, conveyers of every variety), bar code and RF scanning (overhead, hand held, drive through, attached to other devices), load management (trailer racks, load bars, securement systems) and a bunch of other hands (and feet) on stuff I might not know the correct name for.
All the exhibitors did a fantastic job demonstrating their wares and keeping the attendees rich in handouts and snacks. I recommend the event to any one seeking state of the art logistics solutions.
On the software side of things pretty much everyone in the TMS, WMS and network optimization spaces were represented. From the big guys to the niche players the message was about efficiency.
I know it may seem that I have some bias in the software area but the fact is the innovators are seeking to determine the highest levels of achievable efficiency and quality in service. The bottom line: Provide solutions that enable best in class service at the lowest possible cost. In other words: Optimal total business value.
The definition of business value has evolved in every business vertical be it oil and gas, hard goods manufacturing, high tech manufacturing, retail or transportation services … more than ever value is a complex combination of competing factors.
Specific to supply chain analytics the innovators are offering flexible solutions with extreme scale and immediate return on investment. The only way to see immediate ROI is to execute the solution as the answers are produced.
Last week The Cloud Alliance was announced (The Cloud Alliance for Supply Chain Management Brings Together Best-of-Breed Domain Expertise and Leading Innovative Solutions to Deliver Rapid ROI and Lower TCO Business Value in the Cloud). The Alliance fills the gaps between planning and total supply chain execution. The complex value equation for every business vertical can be effectively represented in the scalable, flexible and secure cloud environment.
The future is bright and advanced mathematics has a major role right in the middle of it all!!!
Not to be inappropriate in an otherwise heavy message this week, but I would think y’all would expect a shout out for a group of homebrewers who are kicking butt and taking names at Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta. Keep it up guys!!!