The RILA team did it again! Bringing together the greatest minds and strongest leaders in a complex and diverse discipline such as Supply Chain is a grand feat indeed.  I’m most impressed with the comprehensive coverage from retailers of every variety, to transportation service providers of every variety and technology solutions providers of every variety.
The culture of challenging the norm or better yet, continuously redefining the norm, encourages all of us to be better. Not just better for our interests but for the common interests of the supply chain universe.
With the level of experience and engagement on display it was easy to see that any one of the groups represented could not rest on their current process / strategy / solution / scope / business approach. Critical thinking and focused performance are driving innovation and the big winner is the consumer / customer / client!
The massive amount of available data is driving high-powered analytics to benchmark and outperform in a rapid cycle. The more information we process to raise the quality of our near and long-term decisions pays dividends in all our critical metrics.
I’m excited about the “now” but feel that the “new” will launch us on a trajectory that sets never conceived of levels of performance.
I am confident the role of complex problem solving and making the difficult easy through innovative technology will continue to play a central role in empowering the steepness and climb rate of the performance trajectory!
On a personal note it was great seeing all the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to work with and for over my diverse career in supply chain.  I am humbled by the energy, passion and persistence of this group of high performers to continue to push our industry to new heights.
Keep it up and I’ll keep doing my best to spread the joy of making all things better with math!