I remember when growing up my parents and teachers would tell me to get my head out of the clouds. I always thought it was because I’m pretty tall (6’3”, 1.9m for non-US readers or Jimmy Carter fans J). Turns out they were just telling me to focus in a nice way.
Fortunately the concept of the cloud has changed quite dramatically. Now it’s a great idea to have bigger than life thoughts and put them in the cloud. While Solvoyo strives for huge game changing decision support planning models our Software as a Service (SaaS) business model performs best on the cloud.
The cloud provides a secure environment and virtually unlimited memory to host the BIG data we use in our optimization applications. It also provides very affordable (as compared to investing in hardware) access to incredible computing power with unheard of RAM capacity.
Using multi-thread, 64-bit technology we are able to solve models with 100 million plus total variables, 10s of millions of binary variables and non-sparse (millions of non-zero coefficients) matrices. This means we are solving the largest, most flexible math models known to the industry today.
The bottom line is every business, including those with multiple simultaneous users around the world, has direct and meaningful access to the most advanced decision support planning software in the world via the cloud. We have so much fun solving problems we don’t want to leave anyone out!
In closing this week my final comment about clouds is the wonderful yeasty cloudiness you find in Bavarian style Hefeweizen and Belgian Wit beers. For those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere I’m counting on the warm weather to arrive soon and these two styles are exceptionally refreshing and tasty while sitting on a beach, beside a pool or outside in a hammock on a warm day.