Not to take too much liberty with my grunge theme wrapped around state-of-the-art Operations Research analytical techniques, but when you think back about all the planning and scheming you have done (whatever the purpose…road trips, parties, beer recipes, supplier purchase order planning) there was always some “dude” who had the crazy idea that became the plan.
Sometimes the original idea is too far-fetched and the group gets together to make sense of things. Other times the original idea is only a catalyst for much bigger more dynamic plans.
I think in every post I have mentioned at least once how much fun all this math and operations research stuff really is and this post is no different.
When it comes to planning and supply chain management Solvoyo takes the discipline to a whole new level (recall the moon analogy from a couple weeks ago). It’s all too common in serious business circles for planners to analyze a multitude of factors using spreadsheets to make multi-million dollar decisions.
The interaction of competing factors in a supply chain such as service requirements, transportation modes, multi-echelon flow patterns between vendors, factories, ports, warehouses, distribution centers, stores and customer locations results in a very complex problem. To be honest (because nobody likes a liar), spreadsheets and other manual techniques like drawing circles and connecting lines on a map don’t do the problem justice and the resultant decisions, while executable, can result in exceptional lost potential.
Lost potential in sales growth. Lost potential in cost reductions. Lost potential in innovative demand fulfillment solutions like omni channel planning.
Solvoyo provides a platform that enables your enterprise to realize its full potential and effectively measure the value of change (and not changing by the way). Our end-to-end planning solution puts the power of the best decision in the hands of the merchants, inventory planners and transportation planners all in a single model so nothing is missed.
Dude, put the power of math behind your next big plan and believe me you will rock like you’ve never rocked before!!!
Party on my friends!!!