Hi! Egemen speaking. I am the new Business Analyst at Solvoyo. Yaay! September 1st was the first working day for me and on the very first day I have decided to share my observations with y’all. So many things happening and it’s very likely to experience something totally new every single day. I believe sharing these experiences and observations will be worth reading especially for my job seeker ‘connections’ on social webs.
Today’s topic is about looking for opportunities and the importance of capturing them before anyone else does.
In my case the opportunity has found me 2 months ago. I was at the ferry going from one city to another (Balikesir to Istanbul) and sitting at a table for six all alone. Then, a lady showed up with her meal and said “Hi!” right before she asked me if I want to share her food. Answering to her with a little smile made us start talking about what we do for living.
I was just a recent graduate and she was an important person, reading NYT, talking about angel investors and stuff. After a 2-hour journey, I had her business card with her name, cell and email info on it. Right after we left the ferry I added her on Linkedin. I guess this was the moment when I captured the opportunity. 
She confirmed my friend request and a day later sent me a message asking if I know anyone looking for a job. I was that person! I surely was looking for a job and I took a step forward. We start discussing my qualifications. 3 interviews later I had a job! Yes, I found a job at a ferry! Now it’s been 15 days as a Business Analyst and I feel like I am at the right place!
I certainly did seize the opportunity, but I gotta give credit to this lady as well. She was the one who started the conversation. For everyone, whether you are a job seeker, or a world-wide known CEO you never know where you find the opportunity, so, you better open your eyes and start taking actions!
Don’t forget what they say, “never eat lunch alone!