6 November 2017

Resistance Is Futile: Machines Are Here To Stay, Embrace Machine Learning In Supply Chain!

I have a very good internal navigation system in my head. I hardly ever get lost, even in a city I visit the very first time. Sometimes my […]
14 December 2016

6 reasons to give up spreadsheets for supply chain planning

Spreadsheet software is holding your supply chain performance hostage. True – spreadsheets are low cost, easy to use, extremely versatile and universally known and loved. It […]
12 October 2015

Don’t Mistake Simple for Simplistic in Supply Chain Planning

Simple and simplistic are words often misused interchangeably, but Albert Einstein understood the difference when he observed “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but […]
10 September 2015

Simple Ain’t Easy in Supply Chain Planning

Legendary jazz pianist, Thelonius Monk was asked by a fan how jazz seemed to come so easily to him. His response: Hey, man, simple ain’t easy! […]