5 April 2016

5 Key Supply Chain Technology Recommendations from Leading Industry Experts

For the supply chain manager today, there are no dearth of online resources and expertise to guide them. From advisories by corporate biggies like Gartner or […]
21 December 2015

Five steps to building a lower carbon supply chain plan

With the recent COP21 agreement, the focus is back once more on climate change and global efforts to reducing CO2 emissions. As the full implication of […]
1 June 2015

Wayne’s wORld: As Spring Floods into Summer do you have a Plan for the new Season?

Recently as I crossed over the surging muddy red water of the Red River into the great state of Texas, I wasFlooding-in-Wells-008 reminded of how quickly […]
4 May 2015

Wayne’s wORld: Math in the wORld of Customer Relationships

Howdy y’all!  It seems I’ve taken another long break from putting thoughts into words in this space. Unfortunately I don’t have a litany of events and […]
19 September 2014

Wayne’s wORld: Where in the wORld has Wayne been?

So here we are a solid 4 months since my last post. I guess I have no excuses and attribute my absence to a high quality […]
2 June 2014

Wayne’s wORld: OR and Omni-channel Retailing – A match made in Heaven

The complex world of omni-channel retailing has introduced a new realm of analytical challenges. I touched on this topic briefly after the San Diego RILA Conference […]
7 May 2014

Wayne’s wORld: GAME ON @ The Intersection of Math, Supply Chain and Cloud Computing

I have used this space primarily to talk about the innovative application of advanced mathematical techniques and Operations Research methods to solve difficult business problems. Of […]
14 April 2014

Wayne’s wORld: Parallel wORlds – Homebrewing and OR…Weird but True

OK, a pre-warning, y’all have to work with me a little this time around. This idea has been swimming around in my brain so I thought […]
21 March 2014

Wayne’s World: Special Edition – Modex In Atlanta… What A Show!!!

Good day from the ever-changing world of supply chain optimization. This was a big week with a quick update on the action at Modex and some […]