15 September 2015

Wayne’s wORld: Back in the Shwing of Things

I apologize to the faithful followers I have (assuming you haven’t given up on me and are not actually reading this apology) but it seems my […]
2 March 2015

Ege-man the Analyst: RILA — An Unexpected Journey

As a part of the Customer Success Team at Solvoyo, I recently unexpectedly found myself in Orlando FL for the annual Retail Industry Leaders’ Association (RILA) conference. […]
27 February 2015

Wayne’s wORld: RILA Never Fails to Deliver

The RILA team did it again! Bringing together the greatest minds and strongest leaders in a complex and diverse discipline such as Supply Chain is a […]
16 February 2015

Wayne’s wORld: While NRF is the Big Show, RILA Steals the Show for Supply Chain

2015 was my first adventure to the NRF big show in the Big Apple.  It was impressive to say the least.  The expo floor “booths” in many cases […]
31 December 2014

Wayne’s wORld: Planning for the NRF Big Apple Big Show

A title made up of a double entendre (not sure if I used that right or if its appropriate but it sounds smart if not multi-national). […]
10 October 2014

Wayne’s wORld: CSCMP and the ride of the Three Amigos

In addition to this super intriguing Blog and a host of other marketing efforts we work hard to keep up with the latest industry trends and […]
21 March 2014

Wayne’s World: Special Edition – Modex In Atlanta… What A Show!!!

Good day from the ever-changing world of supply chain optimization. This was a big week with a quick update on the action at Modex and some […]
27 February 2014

Wayne’s World: Special Edition – RILA, Game On!!!

I know the early followers of this totally cool blog are anxiously waiting to read about all things Cloud at Solvoyo, but we are taking a […]