4 July 2019

Through the eyes of a High-School Student: A day in Solvoyo

27 May 2019

Making Digital Transformation Happen in Supply Chain Planning : Considerations and Approaches

11 April 2019

Virgo in Supply Chain, Milk in Coffee

27 February 2019

How to become an Agile Organization through Digital Transformation?

17 December 2018

Cluster Analysis for Smart Decision-Making

Imagine you are the owner of a modest grocery store in your neighborhood. You know most of your customers in person and you do a pretty […]
28 November 2018

How Cognitive Learning Changes the Game in Supply Chains

“It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives, it is not the strongest that survives, but the species that survives is the one […]
7 November 2018

An Incredibly Easy Way to Get “YES” in the Supply Chain Operations – Concurrent Planning

‘Yes’ is one of the most powerful words of communication. Everyone enjoys receiving the answer ‘yes’ to all their requests, especially in business. But is it […]
10 October 2018

Fire-side chat with Magdalena Yesil, founder, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author of the book #PowerUp

Magdalena Yesil is a force to reckon with! She has done many firsts in her life, including at Salesforce, where she was the first investor and […]
20 March 2018

5 Things I Learned as a Data Scientist