Supply Chain Visibility

Get a clear view of your end-to-end supply chain with actionable information to plan and orchestrate your supply chain. The Solvoyo Elevation Platform provides a unifying platform for all your demand and supply data. From the latest clicks or page views count of your digital store-front to your in-transit inventory; Solvoyo provides data and metrics giving you real-time supply chain visibility into your supply chain.

The Solvoyo platform also includes an advanced key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard that provides a visual cockpit to monitor and log your supply chain performance. What gets monitored and measured also gets improved with the Solvoyo platform. Our ever expanding toolkit of prescriptive supply chain utilities monitors your performance to recommend initiatives like a store to store transfers, or mark-down recommendations that prompt profit maximizing actions before it is too late.

Features and capabilities of the Solvoyo visibility and KPI dashboard include:

  • Automating the collection, validation and sharing of standard or ad-hoc reports within a collaborative environment
  • Advanced drill-down and query capabilities allowing users to go from aggregate totals down to individual transactions within seconds
  • Master data management tools to ensure high quality and accuracy of data with minimum data maintenance workload
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