Sales & Operations Planning

Elevate your supply chain performance to the next level with Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). In one integrated platform gain end-to-end planning and visibility allowing you to effectively balance demand and supply to meet your business objectives.

With Solvoyo Elevation Platform you create accurate demand forecasts, optimize supply, and align inventory across your multi-echelon network. With the Solvoyo S&OP planning platform, you gain a common understanding of the dynamics of your business across organizational silos. Operate with aligned metrics and make informed decisions based on cost, revenue, or margin that will benefit the whole rather than pieces of the company.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Web-based collaboration capabilities that brings in data and insights from marketing, operations, distribution, and finance
  • Extensive scenario capabilities that can explore increased productivity and profit opportunities
  • Configurable reporting templates that support periodic S&OP review meetings
  • Integrated with execution systems to automate data updates and calculations as well as to close the gap between planning and business actions
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