Demand Planning

Build an accurate and consensus forecast by bringing together big data analytics and statistical forecasting coupled with a collaborative platform that facilitates inputs from sales, marketing and finance teams.

Solvoyo's Demand Planning Software

Solvoyo clients uniformly leverage demand planning as one part of a synchronized end to end planning platform that optimizes supply chain operations to meet target service levels, inventory or profit goals.

Key features of our platform include:

1Machine Learning
ML algorithms drive best pick demand forecast from an array of 30+ forecasting methodologies.
2Real Time Analytics
Compares actuals to forecast and alerts planners to changing forecasts or forecast exceptions that require immediate attention
3Collaborative Sales Planning Functionalities
Enables the sales team to provide added market intelligence to forecasts.
4Enhanced Forecasting Capabilities
Covering product life cycles, trends, seasonality, and promotions.
5Authorization-based Collaborative Forecasting
6Master Data Management Tool
Dynamically maps history to changing product hierarchies and families to drive accurate granular forecasts

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