Today, the retail industry all over the world is undergoing a seismic shift. Retailers must now not only adapt to the realities of today such as a more digital, omni-channel, and frictionless world but must also reorganize and retool for an environment where change is a new constant.

Yet with all these changes – the fundamental objectives of the retail supply chain has not changed. The goal today as always is still to get the right product in-front of the right customer at the right place and time at the lowest possible cost.

Today’s retailers need to build agile supply chains that meet the changing industry needs while constantly delivering better operational results and KPI’s. At Solvoyo, we help retail clients meet these challenges head on every day.

Retailers today use the Solvoyo Elevation Platform to improve their forecast accuracy, optimize store and stocking location inventory, generate detailed replenishment plans, and optimize their omni-channel fulfillment operations. Within the same platform, retailers run strategic network design and what-if analysis getting answers to business questions in greater detail and faster speed. Leveraging the end to end supply chain planning capabilities of the Solvoyo Platform, our retail clients have seen dramatic improvement in the agility and bottom line results of their operations.

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Case Studies

  • A101 - Fast growing hard discount retailer automates and optimizes supply chain planning
  • DeFacto - International fast fashion retailer leverages the power of big data analytics to get supply chain results
  • Sok Markets - Turkey's largest retail chain increases on shelf availability while reducing inventory days
  • US home improvement retailer - Leading retailer concurrently optimizes orders and transportation using Solvoyo  

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