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A Comparison Guide : Traditional vs. Next Generation Planning Systems

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A Comparison Guide:Traditional vs Next Generation Planning Systems

See How Solvoyo Leaves the Competition in the Dust!

Solvoyo’s comprehensive digital supply chain planning and optimization platform is head-and-shoulders above other platforms out there, including the best-known industry leaders. That’s because our approach and advanced mathematics blur the line between planning and execution – with the result of measurably better business results.

  • Solvoyo offers advanced forecasting, inventory optimization and fully automated transportation planning capabilities that others lack
  • We provide concurrent optimization capability – the ability to simultaneously optimize interrelated supply chain functions and create coordinated plans such as Prioritized Fulfillment and Transportation, Production and Distribution; Supply Chain Network Design and Strategic Inventory Deployment; Procurement and Inbound Transportation that even the best-of-breed software companies cannot deliver
  • In a single platform, Solvoyo allows you to make strategic/tactical decisions and put those decisions into operation with automated daily planning. Solvoyo provides plans at such a high level of detail that the action gap between planning and execution is blurred; we call it Closed-Loop Operational Management
  • The digital supply chain platform is modular, and you pay only for the features you use
  • The digital supply chain platform allows you to plan on all three time horizons: strategic, tactical and operational
  • Solvoyo is a fully integrated SaaS platform
Capability Traditional ERP Planning Tool Solvoyo Elevation Platform
Forecasting Automated Forecast Generation More than one algorithm More than one algorithm
Automated best-pick algorithm ? Automated selection of the best-fitting algorithm for each SKU-store
Automated update of seasonality indices ? Month within year, week within month and day within week
Pre-specified forecasting scenarios Manual Automatic with parameter ranges
Planning with promotion effects ? Standard
Automated aggregation/disaggregation Standard Standard
Automated tracking of forecast error Standard Standard
Replenishment Prioritized order matching Rule-based Rules and algorithms; max. margins, min. transportation, min. stock-out probability, etc.
Allocation/replenishment from depot to store Standard Standard
Replenishment direct to store Standard Standard
Purchase order planning at depots Standard Standard
Optimization of order/delivery frequency ? Optimal frequency calculation: depot to store deliveries, and/or vendor to depot/store deliveries
Network optimization ? Optimal depot infrastructure and matching of a depot to its store hinterland
Inventory Inventory optimization ? SKU-store and SKU-depot: cycle stock, safety stock, display stock and reorder point
Onboarding and Implementation Business model License + maintenance at 20%+ One low monthly fee
Implementation/onboarding time Year or years Weeks or months
Implementation/onboarding cost High Low
Response to enhancement requests Z-tables or next release Days or weeks