Changing demand, shorter product lifecycles, volatile input prices and near constant supply disruptions means supply chain planning for a consumer goods manufacturer is a daily battle.


In a competitive industry focused on consumer goods, the pressure to constantly innovate and adapt yet maintain lean supply chains has never been greater. Supply chain professionals in this industry need a technology platform that brings in insightful data and promotes collaboration, to allow businesses to better balance demand and supply.


The Solvoyo Elevation Platform helps consumer goods manufacturer build better strategic, tactical and operational supply chain plans. The platform provides manufacturers true end to end supply chain coverage: from better forecasting algorithms that take your unique promotions and historical demand data; smarter production planning and scheduling; to optimizing your multi-stop, multi-mode transportation plans. In addition – Solvoyo’s web based collaboration tool allows businesses to strengthen their sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes transforming their supply chains to be agile and adaptive.          


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Case Studies

  • Duzey - Leading Turkish CPG distributor uses Solvoyo to promote collaborative S&OP planning that delivers results 
  • Vestel - European consumer electronics manufacturer reduces cost and optimizes daily supply chain operations

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