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Multi-horizon Planning

Solvoyo provides strategic, tactical, and operational planning in one platform that gives businesses the most comprehensive capability to maximize profits while minimizing cost-to-serve.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning optimizes network design, transportation, and global inventory deployment to minimize cost-to-serve and/or maximize revenue. It is long-term, holistic planning that performed periodically and provides decision-support for managers, including analytical assessment of investment options.

With Strategic Planning, you assess the suitability of your current network to support traditional and omni-channel fulfillment. You optimize inventory in the network, determine the best vendor operating parameters, develop fulfillment and channel allocation rules, and define the ideal transportation options.

Tactical Planning

Tactical Planning reduces your total cost-to-serve by making seasonal adjustments to your planning parameters such as service level targets for each SKU, safety stock targets, reorder levels, order frequency for each vendor, and shipment frequency for your major customers. With Tactical Planning, you adjust your operating parameters for seasonal patterns, regional differences, and periodic changes to your product portfolio. Seasonal and promotional demand, new product introduction, and environmental volatility require that you adjust your stocking levels and end-to-end flow patterns to optimize total cost-to-serve at the desired service level.

Operational Planning

Operational Planning supports day-to-day decision making and produces both an accurate and precise balance of inventory, transportation, and level-of-service concurrently. With Operational Planning, you forecast demand, optimize inventory for each SKU across a multi-echelon network, fulfill orders in traditional and omni-channel businesses, optimize your multi-stop multi-mode transportation -- both inbound and outbound -- filling from lowest cost-to-serve, with the best delivery speed and service.