About Us

Closed-Loop Operational Management

In the supply chain of the future, operational planning, and the fulfillment process will connect seamlessly; orders, inventory, and transportation will be optimized concurrently; and systems will be able to optimize large-scale problems on a daily basis. For Solvoyo clients, the supply chain of the future is here today! Solvoyo tightly-couples planning systems to execution systems and turns optimized plans directly into action. We call this “Closed-Loop Operational Management.”

Our unique solution delivers detailed and specific instructions by SKU that operational systems turn into action -- how to allocate, what to order, when to order, and how to move through the pipeline, while considering real-life operational constraints, and meeting on-time fulfillment and availability targets. You optimize inventory for each SKU across a multi-echelon network, filling from lowest cost-to-serve, and employing the best and quickest delivery service.

Routine decisions are automated and run in real-time – a “smart Box” process that helps planners with obvious decisions – and provides support for exception-based planning where planners’ attention/review may be required for critical decisions.

  • You automate the level of decision making that you’re comfortable with and implement the appropriate level of checks and balances to ensure quality control and minimize risk.
  • Modeling allows for flexible and easily accessible what-if scenarios

Solvoyo provides the horsepower to solve large volume operational planning problems on a daily basis. We have successfully connected planning and execution for many clients.