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Simple, smart and sexy supply chain planning & analytics solution

Solvoyo helps businesses significantly improve their supply chain planning capabilities leading to dramatic improvements in efficiency, service and profitability.

Simply stated, Solvoyo Elevation Platform is the most intelligent, powerful and flexible supply chain optimization platform that spans all four capabilities required for supply chain analytics on a single platform powered by machine learning - descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

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Supply Chain Analytics powered by Machine Learning

The Solvoyo Elevation platform is built from state-of- the-art business processes knowledge, leading edge operations research, big data analytics, machine learning and advanced optimization techniques to provide clients with business decisions on demand. Solvoyo provides the only software platform that plans a supply chain using multi-objective discrete optimization techniques and is a comprehensive platform to optimize planning around the most complex supply chain realities faced by our clients. Our unique analytic approach include among others: (i) incorporating non-linear functions and planning decisions in a linear optimization model, (ii) automating best-pick forecasting with multiple forecasting algorithms, (iii) dynamic fulfillment models, and (iv) propriety machine learning algorithms (v) an integrated supply chain analytics and performance tracking KPI dashboard.


Multi-Horizon Planning

Solvoyo provides demand forecasting, inventory optimization, production planning, replenishment & allocation, and transportation planning solutions in one model across strategic, tactical, and operational time horizons. Because all planning is integrated, users have a comprehensive capability to optimize an entire supply chain. Solvoyo makes it possible for high-level strategic planning and network design analysis act as primary inputs into your execution plans. In turn, your granular daily operational plans by SKU, by location, are automatically fed back into your network design planning model giving it real time data to measure or adjust your strategy to changing market conditions. By bringing all supply chain planning decisions into a single platform you miss nothing and see your plans in action every day.


Concurrent Optimization

The Solvoyo Platform allows decisions that are traditionally made in silos to be made concurrently with ‘Total Cost to Serve’ or any other enterprise wide objective as the optimality criterion. The platform even allows for multiple objectives to be modeled giving you the ability to automatically generate alternate plans and scenarios with the same inputs. Our clients today simultaneously optimize interrelated supply chain functions and create coordinated plans such as prioritized fulfillment and transportation; production and distribution; procurement and inbound transportation – capabilities that even the best-of-breed supply chain planning software companies cannot deliver. With concurrent planning capabilities you expand your efficiency frontiers immediately without a single additional investment.


Closed-Loop Operational Management / Autonomous Supply Chain

CLOM is the new black in Supply Chain Management. Solvoyo provides plans at such a high level of detail that the action gap between planning and execution is closed; we call it Closed-Loop Operational Management (CLOM) or the industry calls it “autonomous supply chain”. With the Solvoyo platform, your planning system is automated and tightly linked to your execution systems eliminating the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual review. Optimized plans are turned directly into actionable, executable plans fed directly into your execution system. Our planning models provide detailed and specific instructions by SKU that your operational systems turn into action: how to allocate, what to order, when to order, and how to move through the pipeline while considering real-life operational constraints, and meeting on-time fulfillment and availability targets.


Single Platform & Integration

Our platform covers the entire supply chain – from demand forecasting, production and replenishment planning to transportation planning and sales and operations planning. The modular structure however also means that clients use/pay only for the components utilized. The Platform at its core is a single data model: eliminating conflicts amongst related demand, inventory, production, procurement, fulfillment and transportation plans and ensuring alignment in key performance indicators (KPIs). The single data model and platform means easier, flexible and secure integration that eliminates data exchange and conversion requirements, enables standards-based integration with all ERP systems, and reduces processing time and operating costs.

Cloud-Based/SaaS Supply Chain

Solvoyo Elevation Platform is a multi-tenant supply chain management solution built on secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, delivered as a SaaS platform. The platform’s distributed architecture uses the cloud as a computational engine, harvesting the power of supercomputer-like capacity on your laptop. This power helps Solvoyo deliver planning answers taking multiple variables and data points into considerations at speed that is fractions of traditional on premise software. With Solvoyo, you don’t have the constraints of on premise software: No up-front capital investment in hardware or licenses; No long-term commitment; No additional fees for support and upgrades. In addition, our onboarding process runs from mere weeks up to a few months with specific data templates built for industry verticals as well as for all leading ODBC-compliant databases, including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

Configurable & Easy to use User Interface

The smart decisions coming out of Solvoyo’s robust engine are displayed in a flexible and fully configurable User Interface. It is like lego pieces! We believe this is important since each user has different priorities and require different KPIs and granularity in data. Plus some like pie charts while others prefer waterfalls. In our UI, the ability to unpack data from global level down to a transaction in seconds is a reality. We do not stop at descriptive analytics, instead we convert data into insights with our predictive and prescriptive capabilities. The Solvoyo UI provides easy to use displays of planning exceptions to take immediate action on in addition to actions triggered by our predictive engine to prevent any excess or out of stock situations.